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Your next colleague, 
scaling and growing your products and people

Growth-oriented product owner with over ten years of experience in developing and scaling digital products and services. Proven track record in managing large-scale product launches across Europe. Expertise in self-leadership, team collaboration, and strategic communication.

What I do

Consultancy in product management specialized in growing and scaling SaaS product

I analyze your business-critical areas, and your customers' needs and set realistic goals to put your product in the best possible state on the market.


To achieve the best user and business value, I use growth techniques and an open mindset - develop cross-functional teams, in local and global workspaces. I adapt and finetune agile work processes aligned with best practice strategies.

Advisory in product led growth for executives and boards

Following rapid change and stay ahead of value opportunities is always a challenge in the operations. It takes knowledge and curiosity to be able to step into a growth mindset with continuous high-value deliverances.


Via well proven methods such as self leadership trainings, I teach your teams how to overcome unnecessary habits, implement new ways of working and adapt it to your daily work.

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