Power of good advisory

Independent growth consultant who performs and educates sustainable growth for clients digital products and services 

I truly know the value and power of really good advisory.

Today, there are plenty of result-oriented agencies and consultants that struggle to maintain constant value in their client deliverances. There are also many with low knowledge of how to use qualitative and quantitative data for achieving growth. I am an independent consultant who delivers this.

"Highly competent across the whole customer journey. Will always deliver the highest quality and solves whatever problems arise with speed and consideration. A master organizer and doer. Natalie is a joy to work with and a gem asset for any team!"


What I do

I analyse your customers needs, prioritize your business critical areas and set digital goals. Achieving sustainable business growth is dependent on an open mindset - I help you build cross-functional teams, in local and global workspaces. Together we develop agile work processes aligned with best practice project strategies.


All services



I'll be your partner in roles such as Product Owner, Growth Lead, Digital Business Developer, and Project Manager. I strive for long term collaborations that are more like colleagues and friends than a supplier or consultant. It makes the collaboration more engaging and the results bigger.

Interim Manager

In order to build your digital organization up, I take responsibility for set the business goals on all levels. I inspire and educate your teams in selfleadership focused on the value of cross-collaboration between teams for shared insights and exploration of the most valuable customer insights

Education &  workshops

Follow the rapid change is always a challange in the digital workspace. I teach you how to easily adapt to that, and stay ahead of opportunities in your industry. I train you in the growth methodology and adapt it to your business current - and future needs. 

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