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Explore The Growth Sprint and rediscover confidence in your digital sales and customer experience

The Growth Sprint is a systematic process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. Helping your organization to level up from ad hoc experiments to sustainable growth based on your customer's experience, your product, and the organization's strengths & needs.

Organizations and teams often operate with multiple “languages”:

  • Customer Language: Focused on needs, goals, experiences, and delight.

  • Business Language: Centered on vision, differentiation, revenue, and growth.

  • Product/Service Language: Pertaining to the specifics of the product or service.

Integrating these languages is crucial for cohesive and effective communication and strategy execution.

The Growth Sprint is a practical mashup between the two processes of growth hacking and design sprints, supporting various languages in organizations.

During an intensive, 4-week period of workshops and practical work, we will:

1) Discover your prioritized need and focus area (acquisition, activation, or retention), and combine it with setting up a clear business goal, via methods that bring stakeholders and teams together.

2) Define the most valuable gaps in the customer journey via customer insights from qualitative and quantitative data.

3) Develop insights-driven hypotheses supporting your goal and your growth opportunities.

4) Growth backlog set up. Establish ways of working for the teams.

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