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I collaborate with companies, ready to transform their digital products to drive growth.



Scaling an climate calculation SaaS product from MVP to Beta with 4,000 users during 12 months

Strategically led and execute on the go to market for a climate calculation tool for measure carbon footprint in agriculture.


Taking the product from an MVP with 10 testing users to a Beta version with 4,000 users and 10 paying customers in finance, banking, insurance and, food producer companies.


During 12 months, developed the product roadmap, led the product development, user onboarding, and client onboarding, client relations ensuring high data quality and optimal user experience in climate reporting. 



Transforming customer service, to an interactive online-problem-solving user flow during 6 months

During the longest pilot strike in a Scandinavian Airlines company's history, I strategically established the product vision and future of the client's digital customer service. Set the vision and roadmap for sustainable and high-quality development of digital solutions to enhance user experience. Initiated quantitative web testing based on hypothesis-testing principles.

Managing the Customer Service website, sales information site for vendors, and chatbot with a team of frontend developers, UX/UI designers, and a tech lead. Close collaboration with the IT, process owners, and stakeholders.

I also refined the governance model for frontend and Salesforce teams to enhance stakeholder support and foster effective collaboration between tech and business teams.



Conversion growth +200% and CPA -75% for one of Finland's fastest-growing e-commerce startups in Europe during 6 months

Go to market, scaling and growth for a Finnish e-commerce in the Swedish market. Together with founders create a plan to enter the new market, with a data-driven foundation. Activation of a expert team in order to execute on the performance-based strategy. Focused on growth hacking methods via online media, SEM, Social media, and influencer marketing.

Setting new processes for new market features for e-commerce and email marketing. Responsible for all activations in paid, owned, and earned marketing channels for the Swedish market with excellent results.

During 6-month the cost per acquisition decreased by -75% and conversions increased by +200%.



Established and activated a team performing 25+ lead generation projects across the Nordics during 12 months

Successfully led the procurement process to consolidate the client’s operations from five separate agencies into a single full-service delivery team.


Established a new team of 20 consultants and managed 25+ lead generation-oriented projects across the Nordics, high performance campaigns to marketing team, tone of voice-project for the CEO, marketing automation for digital sales, and web development for all Nordic websites.


Managing agency deliverances, and consulting as an advisor for marketing leaders, in how to drive digital marketing strategies in the finance industry. A part of a larger scoped rebranding project for new company acquisition in the Nordics and led Nordic Marketing Directors through a successful web migration, receiving excellent feedback.

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